Moving on to Blu-Ray

Well I’ve been contemplating this for a long time about the blu-ray format. I know lots of people been uneasy about it since the format wars between HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Considering HD-DVD was a huge failure and didn’t sell well compare to Blu-ray, also big media corporations upscaling their featured motion pictures started taking a swing to Blu-ray. Thus HD-DVD has died and I feel bad for all the people who put their hearts and minds investing on one. Pfft… fanboys are still bitching today about HD-DVD is still there and they don’t want to accept blu-ray as the future format. Oh they don’t look good as HD-DVD, Their too expensive…, too slow, and stuff like they cost twice more than DVDs.

I’ve been pondering so much about it and I decided to give Blu-ray a chance and put my faith in it. I remember when DVD player came out back in the day. My god I didn’t know anything about it at all, I remember they were big, slow and fucking expensive when it first started. People dropped a deuce over it and sticked to VHS. Until it took time and people notice it had better quality, more features and carried lots of memory. Maybe Blu-ray will be the same. Well so far I’ve been watching quite a few Blu-Ray movies and been enjoying them alot; movies such as Ironman, Boondocks Saints, The Kingdom, Fast and the Furious, Street Fighter, Air, and much more. Very significants qualities! The picture is very clean and outstanding! Old movies remastered look perfect in Blu-ray especially! So far Blu-ray players are going down in prices such as around 200 dollars or around 300 if you thinking on buying a PS3 which is gaming console, digital media player and music player. (PS3 are good blu-ray players and there good for the whole family) Not to mentions Blu-ray discs are going down in price too. I’m convinced to buy more Blu-rays from here on. Well I’ll blog more about Blu-ray later so I will come back later on it!