Manga Review: Nineteen, Twenty-One

Manhwa title: Nineteen, Twenty-One, 19-21, 열아홉스물하나

Author: Yohan (John)

Artist: Kim Hye Jin (Jenna)

Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Slice of life

Release: 2010-2011

Format: Manhwa (read from right to left)

 Do you ever feel like your a bird with broken wings and behind your flock, You still move on hoping for a speedy recovery to someday to regain flight to the endless sky above? Yun-Lee is a girl who lost track of time due to a unforeseen accident that took two years of her life away. Before the accident Yun-Lee was only nineteen years old and considered not yet an adult in society standards till reaches the age of twenty, almost near graduation Yun-Lee was studying for University entry exams but due to a car accident on the way she was emotionally scarred and bed ridden for two years. Making her transition from nineteen to twenty one years old and back into society; She is now considered an adult already. She feels lost and isn’t ready for adult hood due to her missing time lapse of her teenage years. Continue reading


Anime Review: Hourou Musuko

Title: Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son)

Studio: AIC

Directed by: Ei Aoki

Aired: Jan 14, 2011 – April 1, 2011

Genre: Drama, School, Gender Bender, Slice of life

Every once a while flower blossoms, the pedals begin to open for the whole world to view the beauty of sprouting and what lies underneath. Puberty is a transformation for growing up and leap into adulthood; Where boys and girls are at a stage of maturity and finding their gender identity. Hourou Musuko is a tale amongst young children going through “Coming of Age” where boys become men and girls become women. The Anime questions “What are little girls made off?” or “What are little boys made off?”. What distinguished the identity that keeps boys and girls different between each other, what gender qualities I must have to say I’m a boy or I’m a girl you may ask? Is it okay to have different qualities of the different sex that isn’t suspected for oneself to have? Continue reading

Ways you can help Japan’s Tsunami and Earthquake Aid Relief!

Hello readers, As many of you know about the recent Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11, 2011 at around 2:46 p.m. (12:46 a.m. ET). Which ruptured many of Japan’s prefectures leaving thousands of people missing, dead and without homes. I had my Uncle, Schoolmates and Host family in Japan during the incident… Many of you may have a strong connection to Japan or loved ones stuck in dire need.

Here what you can do that you can help the relief in Japan!


Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10 to help the Red Cross Aid in Japan and confirm reply “YES” to confirm your payment. You’ll be ask to receive newsletters and whether to give monthly donations, Those are optional and if you don’t want it text “STOP”.

Or you can at their page here and donate with your Credit/Debit card.


Text “ASIA” to 30333 to donate 5 dollars!

or you can Donate at the Canadian Red Cross homepage here.


United Kingdom Red Cross donations by Credit/Debit Card on their homepage here.


Pray for Japan

A tragic event has occurred in Japan recently and i’m shocked. An Earthquake with a magnitude scale of 8.8M has hit Japan nationwide alongside with Tsunami currents and rifts that are still attacking the Countryside. Hundreds thousands people lost their homes and so far I’ve heard about hundreds of have died so far. I’m really worried about all the people there and my prayers and blessings to the people of Japan as they are living at a rough time; Pray for their families, their losses, future, aid and etc. I have a uncle who works in Japan from time to time to train workers for his company… I really hope he is okay. I just want him to be safe and at home with his wife who is currently pregnant. Everyone be thankful for what you have….

Depriving my Online Social Interactivity

Well…. It’s Spring break for some College students and I guess I have some more free time now. It’s been really a long time since I updated my blog and my work, I guess i’m kind of slacking a bit lately. I feel like I don’t have the energy I had since the start of the year, where I was more productive and on top of things. I haven’t really blogged, posted videos, draw, write reviews or broadcasted on JTV. Things have changed over that time…. People ask me “How come you aren’t doing these things no more?” I find it funny since I don’t really get much views on my online profiles or visitors on the blog. But I guess there are some people who want to know me and I’ll guess i’ll reply to that, as they are the viewers and followers.

I have been kind of busy with my life you can say kind of… for one I have been doing schoolwork and studying so I can hopefully transfer to another university. Having morning and night classes give me little time during middle of the day to do each things, whenever I have free days during the week I’m usually asleep. I don’t really know what direction in life i’m heading towards too or what to do in the future? I’ve became also more socially withdrawn as my psychologically development too; I spend most of my free time chatting on Skype sometimes. I really don’t have much friends in the real world and I really devote my friendships online but deriving your real life activities to be on Skype is not what I want it to be no more. I remember the days I use to actually spend my free time on more productive things like my Part time Job, Artwork and my health.

I decided that i’m no longer going to use Skype to be affiliated with these long distanced friendships that I should use it to contact a friend or family member once in awhile. All things should be taken moderately… As for social problems, I have been also experiencing physical problems such as my diet. Eating cafeteria Junk and sitting on the computer isn’t good for my health either. For the past few weeks I’ve been walking in to town and getting a good couple of hours of exercise and seeing some new places. Such as going to cafes and hanging down at bookstores. It really made me feel that there is a beautiful world out there and plenty of things for me ahead of my life to do than wasting the minute of my precious time.

For people who actually wonder what will happen to my videos and reviews, don’t worry I still work on a bit on free time.

Coming up soon! …

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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo:Anime Review

As anticipated Fall 2010 season was, Bee Train’s latest anime Shinrei Tantei Yakumo translating from Japanese “Psychic Detective Yakumo” was released. A series I would consider an “Occult detective” with a mixture of mystery and paranormal elements. It was originally a novel original written by Manibu Kaminaga that has adapted into two Mangas, stage play, and a live action. As for novel to get so many adaptations I was convinced that I should check this out and review it for myself. Continue reading

Seitokai Yakuindomo Anime Review!

The thought of transferring schools could be a new gateway of meeting new friends, having new chances and working towards the future. Tsuda Takatoshi is a young teenage male student is tranfering schools. Not just any other ordinary High School, Ousai Academy is an all girls that just has accepted to go coed with few male students. Many believe those male students are there for a dream of a harem. Tsuda isn’t the particular kind of guy who is that fond of girls nor a harem, he is quite the kind timid guy. He is the first male student to join the School Coucil along with three other girls: Shino the council president, a talented smart girl along with her best friend Aria Shichijou who is calm gentle girl and not least Suzu Hagimura the smallest girl who is the smartest. Continue reading