Who’s your favorite Seiyuu of the week?

I’ve always been intrigued at the Anime’s industry work with coming out with new works with storyboards, concepts and characters. The directors, producers and writers come up with the concept and story but what brings the characters and action to life? That’s where the key roles of Seiyuus come in! What is a Seiyuu you say? A Seiyuu is Japanese term for Voice actors and actresses that provide playing roles of certain characters for each Animes. I’ve felt like the Anime industry grown so big the past decades that it’s grand work of art in same top of line as Hollywood movies are today. Seiyuus today have great respect as much as celebrities in Hollywood I would say from Anime fans around the world, they often treated as idols, artists, and role models.

So let’s start off on a Seiyuu for this week! Can you guess who this is?!

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Ways you can help Japan’s Tsunami and Earthquake Aid Relief!

Hello readers, As many of you know about the recent Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11, 2011 at around 2:46 p.m. (12:46 a.m. ET). Which ruptured many of Japan’s prefectures leaving thousands of people missing, dead and without homes. I had my Uncle, Schoolmates and Host family in Japan during the incident… Many of you may have a strong connection to Japan or loved ones stuck in dire need.

Here what you can do that you can help the relief in Japan!


Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10 to help the Red Cross Aid in Japan and confirm reply “YES” to confirm your payment. You’ll be ask to receive newsletters and whether to give monthly donations, Those are optional and if you don’t want it text “STOP”.

Or you can at their page here and donate with your Credit/Debit card.


Text “ASIA” to 30333 to donate 5 dollars!

or you can Donate at the Canadian Red Cross homepage here.


United Kingdom Red Cross donations by Credit/Debit Card on their homepage here.


Pray for Japan

A tragic event has occurred in Japan recently and i’m shocked. An Earthquake with a magnitude scale of 8.8M has hit Japan nationwide alongside with Tsunami currents and rifts that are still attacking the Countryside. Hundreds thousands people lost their homes and so far I’ve heard about hundreds of have died so far. I’m really worried about all the people there and my prayers and blessings to the people of Japan as they are living at a rough time; Pray for their families, their losses, future, aid and etc. I have a uncle who works in Japan from time to time to train workers for his company… I really hope he is okay. I just want him to be safe and at home with his wife who is currently pregnant. Everyone be thankful for what you have….

Limited edition Japanese PS3 Designs

White PS3 Phat

Yakuza 3 white PS3

Final Fantasy VII PS3

Final Fantasy XIII limited edition Lighting PS3 slim

Here are some Limited edition PS3s that Japan and other parts of Asia has that we don’t have…. Sort of makes ya bit jealous but I can figure why they wouldn’t come here. Most of these consoles are exclusively in Japan and they cost a fortune to ship them or order on sites and send them overseas. Look at these limited PS3 that comes with a beautiful color, engraved art and finishing. Where we just get a console and the game with our packages whoopy doo! : (


Anime of the Week: Bokurano!

Bokurano cover with all the protagonists

Bokurano author Mohiro Kitoh anime directed by Hiroyuki Morita

One of the Anime series I visited and watched over the summer of 09. It is probably the most interesting mind twisted anime I have probably ever seen in my life so far. Okay maybe I little bit over exaggerated on that phrase a bit… But yeah it is Mind twisted and it is interesting.

When I first came across this anime I thought it was going to be a simple generic child’s fantasy with saving the world stuff. But there is more as I came across the series. This anime maybe rated “Teen” but it has a dreadful and a cruel way in telling it’s story.

Okay here is a brief summary of Bokurano’s story, About a dozen kids are at a summer school on a remote area of Japan while playing at beach. When they came across a cave that seems unfamiliar to them when suddenly they find a lab. Strangely they find a man who calls himself “Kokopelli” as they talk to this person. Kokopelli asks them if they want to play a game and the children unexpectedly accepts it. What they don’t know they are put into a death game that has them controlling a giant robot to fight other mechanical beings. Each battle costs them their lives and each child dies after a battle as it runs on human force. Interesting isn’t it? Well you have to go see for yourself as it is more better than you see, since I probably don’t make it sound interesting heh.

To the right is the main Robot the "Zearth"

So the Zearth as they call the Robot is controlled by selected pilot after each battle through the pilot’s mind. So this anime focus alot on mentally each characters emotions and thoughts. Which the anime deeply focus on some of the characters background, Each character has a story behind them and reflects on how they act. This is where I find some it very sad or just plain effed up. The 15 of the protagonists has a sad story and it affects how they plan their lives before death and how they react in battle. Some of it can be very adult like too… These kids lives has been exposed to sex, violence and suicidal thoughts too. Which I don’t want to bring up… If you want a Dramatic experience, check out the manga version of this as it is more deeper in that.

Well heres my anime of the week I’ve been watching! Updating later on.