Following New Trends: Tumblr


 New web trends of expressing yourself has gone long ways now. From making blogs, to sharing video, making Vlogs (video Logs), Social networking, Twitter status and etc; I have pretty much experienced and tried these trends. It seems so much what the mainstream online browsers try to follow. I have managed to sort of successful in making videos on Youtube under the name TanukiNinja8; few years back and probably know me from making Anime Reviews on AnimeAfterLifePodcast. Though I didn’t find Twitter very amusing, it just seemed like a single element taken from Facebook, which is the status updates but without the Personal information. I made a blog here, that hopefully one day my archives and thoughts would be recorded for me to look back to. It seems to me that I have lost my sense of Blogging and too shy to Vlog. So I stumble upon a nice Blog site recently told by a friend, called Tumblr.

I was very a well aware that Tumblr exist but didn’t know what it was or anything about it. It seem to me Tumblr is a new way of blogging and re-posting articles without the hassle, with some simple interfaces. I was pretty intrigued and wanted to try it out, well I guess this blog has been always on Hiatus. So I made a Tumblr, that I post of whatever appeal to my interests and I find interesting to show others such as anime, video games and a little bit of myself. So check it out!

– Tanuki RX Tumblr






I need a new Broadband IP.

I really hate the service… SO SCREW THEM!

I remember when I first got Broadband with Qwest back in 2005. The service was decently okay but, it was helluva expensive paying over 50 dollars a month for about 1.5-3 mbs connection speed. Well my family took a hiatus from it for about 2 years until we came back when they told us an offer for 7mbs speed cutting our former bill for a lifetime. For once I thought this was going to be a lifetime good price, it was cheaper until they kept sending higher bills and they said there wasn’t going to be a price raise. Now the bills has been skyrocketing about 70 dollars a month what a lousy fee….

The other day the family was moving the modem around the house to set up a new router. When shit has to go down and the modem short circuited. I don’t know what happen we were using a safety multi plug jack, so I had to call Qwest the night after. Telling them that the modem has short circuited and they offer me to rent a new modem for an extra 8 dollars a month or pay 100 with 30 dollars installment for 3 months. Bullshit I told them that I had a previous modem from Qwest that I want to re-connect to their service. I was on the helpline patiently for about an hour with technician telling me to go to my ip menu and connect it. He just repeated that for about an hour straight then he just gave up and put me to a marketplace to buy a new modem. Sometimes I just think I was too retarded for him to handle or he was fed up with me, I wasn’t hostile on the phone or angry.

So my mother bought her new modem and my dad came back and manages to connect the modem from 05 to the internet with our new account….. fucking Ironic bullshit lol….

PS3 HDMI Problems?

So yeah recently I got upgraded to an Insignia LCD HDTV with 10801i/720p Capabilities. Which is really great, I can finally throw away my Standard TV and go into the High Definition age. I use to game on Component cables on my old LCD Projection Sony HDTV which worked great with it. I didn’t have hdmi on my 360 at the time so I just had my PS3 hooked up through HDMI and everything looked great. No flicker, no bugs, and it didn’t broked down.

So yeah it’s only been a week when I got my Insignia HDTV when all of a suddenly my PS3 decides to flicker and have rainbow effects. Which really concerned me that my PS3 never did this before connected through HDMI. It is really bothering me, so I checked on google, youtube and forums and notice recently that this is not a rare problem. Multiple people been getting the same response.

I know I can always use standard or component but, it bothers me that something is wrong with my PS3 console still. Microsoft had HDMI problems in the beginning but it’s been fixed before and more supported. I tried everything even turning of full colors, super white and tuning down the HD outputs on the PS3. It could be lack of Sony’s firmware, TV or the cables i’m using which I am using more than one HDMI.

Well I can try and make video blog to get responses, See if Sony can help me or try finding some way. Just letting this out and Hoping Sony will look upon this.

My Video games Laundry List…. 8/09/09

 If I dont complete this game, Ill be haunted by the Shibito

If I don't complete this game, I'll be haunted by the Shibito

Siren – Playstation 2

I’ve picked up Siren on the Playstation 2 console since the beginning of summer for about 8 bucks. Which was a pretty good deal on a pretty good game. So far I’ve enjoyed it… But, I’ve been aching to beat it. The problem with this game it is very long and this game takes time and patience.

But… Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great game for a run away scare horror, survival horror and exploring sequences. I’ve been uploading game play and commentary played by me on my Youtube at . Yet, I have been lagging on my uploading since my PC broke. I know not many people watch my commentary but please be patient I am trying the best I can to beat it.

Bully Scholarship Edition – Xbox 360

Gosh, I have been addicted to this game lately. Rockstars best game ever made in my opinion! I just love goofing off, the campaign, it’s silly antics, and the scaling. It’s truly an amazing game and I want to beat it as fast I can. I’ve been broadcasting this game lately on my JTV channel live at where you might be able to catch me playing it live. But, if you can’t catch me on there I’ll still uploading live funny highlights at my youtube account.