About tanukininja

Hello, I am just an average person who loves to share his opinions on the media. Such as Gaming and anime. Very fond of Japanese culture and some could say I am an Otaku.

Upcoming Special Project!

Lately I haven’t been blogging or reviewing about anime for the past few weeks; Due to large amount of work and afraid I can’t make it to the future Podcasts. The past few weeks I haven’t written a post and haven’t bothered with reviews.  The reason why is because, I feel like my thoughts aren’t getting through enough and isn’t expanding to other Anime viewers. I looked through inspirations of others Anime reviewers that got me into reviewing and exploring the Anime media. I had a clever idea that probably my worst or best attempt ever to get my opinion out there. So here it is… Continue reading


Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week!

It’s been quite awhile since there was a Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week post on the site. I guess readers are wondering why there aren’t any post to be made? Well fear not, As I am still here to bring you more Seiyuus full of Sugoi Awesomeness! For this start of week, I want to start off with something new, I’m going to post Character pictures and I want you to guess who’s their Seiyuu is! Okay, let’s start out with this picture. Can you guess who their Seiyuu is?!

If you don’t know who this character is or her Seiyuu is, Than I don’t even know why I blog here then…

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Anime Songs that you didn’t know were Covers

 So everyone always have their favorite voice cast and composing soundtracks for a show they like, and it seems to me using Seiyuus (Voice actors/actresses) and pop stars to make music for Anime seems quite to be popular among Otakus. The songs they provide are great and provide satisfaction for the fans to love, but does it ring a bell where the lyrics come from? People commonly mistake the anime versions as original music instead of knowing where song originally come from. Though it does make me feel frustrated that the Anime soundtrack and whatever group they use get more credit of song than the original classic from once they came from, also not given credit. Well then, I shall show some good tunes from Animes, that you didn’t know were covers.

P.S: This post is not meant to degrade an Anime series or a Studios. Continue reading

Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week!

So it has been a week since our last Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week!”  post, and i’m proud to bring you another great Seiyuu indeed. Our special Seiyuu is a deep in the rocks, underneath the rubble and seeks out trouble, can you guess who this person is? No, Yes, Probably not since not many people have heard of him since, but that’s okay. Once you’ll hear his name, you will remember it forever. Do you know who this person is?

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GTS 450 vs Ati 5770 vs Ati 6770! What should I buy?

 Guess what? I bought some PC parts just for this brand new year of school. I was hoping to build a medium price budget build with some decent parts and nothing high end. Something not to strong, not to weak, good enough for school and good enough for gaming for me. Particularly affordable and cheap, so I went with AMD parts. A pretty decent Athlon Quad, AM3 board with 4 gbs of DDR3 ram and a 500 Watt power supply. It’s a good start in my opinion for a beginners build into the PC world, and it’s a good time to start building one since parts for DDR3 RAM, Hard drives and AMD Motherboards since AM3+ and next generation are coming out.

So far I got everything I need with all the parts, but the thing i’m missing is a graphics card. The only thing I need to play games with, I originally ordered an Asus ENGTX460 768mb from Newegg for about $166, wasn’t a bad deal since Nvidia 400 series are down in price due to the 570 coming out. The GTX460 768mb still packs a punch to it’s 1gb version and highly superior to other cards but the problem I had was it was eating my power supply.  With a 500w Power Supply running a GTX460, you know your in packed in a corner and could use another hundred or so watts. Which would be another pricey upgrade to find a 600w + Power Supply that’s durable and good. So what I did was return it (Sadly) and got a refund, so I decided to pick out a mid range card like a Nvidia GTS450 or a Ati 5770 or Ati 6770 which are all around the same price range and close competitors. Since these cards save almost 100 more watts than a GTX460, which card would be best for me? The Nvidia GTS450 seems really good and Nvidia has really good driver supports with Physx, Ati 5770/6770 seem pretty much the same card but they usually a bit cheaper, stronger is benchmarks but not by a big difference but the problem is, I don’t want to order online again….

So the question which Card should I pick?

PC Build

  • Rosewill Destroyer ATX mid tower case
  • Biostar AMD A770E3 AM3 ATX Motherboard
  • 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333mhz, 4gb total
  • 5400rpm 500gb Western Digital SATA Hard drive
  • 500 Watt Cooler Master Extreme
  • DVD RW drive

Following New Trends: Tumblr


 New web trends of expressing yourself has gone long ways now. From making blogs, to sharing video, making Vlogs (video Logs), Social networking, Twitter status and etc; I have pretty much experienced and tried these trends. It seems so much what the mainstream online browsers try to follow. I have managed to sort of successful in making videos on Youtube under the name TanukiNinja8; few years back and probably know me from making Anime Reviews on AnimeAfterLifePodcast. Though I didn’t find Twitter very amusing, it just seemed like a single element taken from Facebook, which is the status updates but without the Personal information. I made a blog here, that hopefully one day my archives and thoughts would be recorded for me to look back to. It seems to me that I have lost my sense of Blogging and too shy to Vlog. So I stumble upon a nice Blog site recently told by a friend, called Tumblr.

I was very a well aware that Tumblr exist but didn’t know what it was or anything about it. It seem to me Tumblr is a new way of blogging and re-posting articles without the hassle, with some simple interfaces. I was pretty intrigued and wanted to try it out, well I guess this blog has been always on Hiatus. So I made a Tumblr, that I post of whatever appeal to my interests and I find interesting to show others such as anime, video games and a little bit of myself. So check it out!

– Tanuki RX Tumblr





Who’s your favorite Seiyuu of the week?

I’ve always been intrigued at the Anime’s industry work with coming out with new works with storyboards, concepts and characters. The directors, producers and writers come up with the concept and story but what brings the characters and action to life? That’s where the key roles of Seiyuus come in! What is a Seiyuu you say? A Seiyuu is Japanese term for Voice actors and actresses that provide playing roles of certain characters for each Animes. I’ve felt like the Anime industry grown so big the past decades that it’s grand work of art in same top of line as Hollywood movies are today. Seiyuus today have great respect as much as celebrities in Hollywood I would say from Anime fans around the world, they often treated as idols, artists, and role models.

So let’s start off on a Seiyuu for this week! Can you guess who this is?!

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