Who’s your favorite Seiyuu of the week?

I’ve always been intrigued at the Anime’s industry work with coming out with new works with storyboards, concepts and characters. The directors, producers and writers come up with the concept and story but what brings the characters and action to life? That’s where the key roles of Seiyuus come in! What is a Seiyuu you say? A Seiyuu is Japanese term for Voice actors and actresses that provide playing roles of certain characters for each Animes. I’ve felt like the Anime industry grown so big the past decades that it’s grand work of art in same top of line as Hollywood movies are today. Seiyuus today have great respect as much as celebrities in Hollywood I would say from Anime fans around the world, they often treated as idols, artists, and role models.

So let’s start off on a Seiyuu for this week! Can you guess who this is?!

 If you have guessed Yuu Kobayashi, you are right!

 As I recently looked at my MyAnimeList profile I can’t help but noticed the beautiful Yuu Kobayashi smiling so cheerfully right back into my soul. That’s when it hit me, that she had to be recognize and known for her great work. You may know Yuu Kobayashi as the roles of many prominent characters with wide ranges of tones. Whether you want her to be a gentle soft spoken, mildly tempered, eccentric and much more. Her plethora amount to play multiple cause her to become more famous by the minute. She is well known among characters with love bug emotions, hidden lust, and one of her bests playing characters with secrets like split personality and cross gender roles where she does the best between switching her offsets of tones. She deserves praise for how much depth she put in each character in comparison to a lot of seiyuus and this is why she is my favorite Seiyuu of the week!

 Roles you may be Familiar with?

  • Maria – Maria Holic
  • Nice Holystone – Baccano!
  • Rio – Sora no Woto 
  • Kaere Kimura – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • Sacchan – Gintama 
  • Ruka Urushibara – Steins;Gate

and much more…

 Outside the Anime Industry you may look at her as an Artist, Model or an Idol with an occult growing fan base. She has been getting quite the popularity due to other careers in performing her music in the group Crush Tears and her abnormally fascinating Art that spur attention to fans and been featured on Kotaku for it. I see she’s very youthful energetic and down to earth woman that you wish you can probably meet at a panel and hear thoughts on her work. Not only her, I believe there are a lot of Seiyuus like her try putting themselves out there in the world by not all means in voice acting, but also to broaden their variety of talents.

I can't believe an innocent young girl would draw these things?

See you next time on “Whose your favorite Seiyuu!” 


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