Fallout New Vegas early glitches

As a fan of the Fallout series which has tremendously growing popular. I grew into the hype of Fallout New Vegas developed from Obsidian. The developer Obsidian which shared a link to the parent company of Interplay and Black Isle who have brought you the original Fallout and Baldur’s gate and other great titles so forth. I didn’t believe it at first that a new fallout was announce right after the third installment. But in my mind I thought was being handled by a Obsidian so I thought they secretly planned it during Fallout 3 development.

So a day after release I manage to get my hands on the PC version of Fallout New Vegas which my choice was for Mods, Graphics performance and my use to the gameplay of the mouse and keyboard. I’ll eventually pick up a console version when the game hits a lower price or a bundle DLC version.

During my first few hours I noticed a lot things needed improvements already. That bugs were already present in the beginning of the game. That people are finding left and right, I have my share of deals of problems from playing this that I had to wait to play it. Due to unpatched errors. I’m going to list a few glitches here that is found in the game..

Broken Dialogue: The conversations between NPC may not occur directly as the camera usually zooms and pan in first person but you find yourself in a laughable moment.

Auto-save dis function: This was quite frustrating that the game auto save function refused to load latest events. This was avoidable by deleting older auto saves but it sure did come back.

Quest Journal: Sometimes you find yourself confused and unaware what to do. As your progression with the game will not record your quest progress or slow updating.

Infinite XP glitch: People have been experiencing a bug where a conversation or repeat of something could just give a player infinite xp gains.

Luckily when you buy the PC version of the game it registered under Steam service. So the game was infact updated to fix Quest glitches, Auto saves, reload times and Vats. But is it fixed? The game has been getting good scores lately but maybe without the glitches we’ll see a change of heart in scores.

Once I play through my adventures in the post apocalyptic world again, I will probably review this game or give an impression. Even though the game meets some bugs it’ still enjoyable. Just wait a bit!