Another Anime Convention missed.

Missed out on the first debut of an anime convention over here. Not gonna say what convention for the sake of protection but yeah.. Forgot to order my ticket a long time ago and it went from a 45 dollar fee to a 60 dollar entrance. Just for 2 days remaining of the convention which usually lasts for a bout 3 days. Bull shit man! That’s my Red Dead Redemption money and my grocery money for upcoming may madness. The only way I’ll pay 60 bucks for an Anime convention if I took a long trip from providence to providence to be there and the budgeting for the whole trip. But this Anime convention right now is next door to my Community College. Sheesh, I guess I miss out on Ohayocon, PortCon, Anime Expo and other shiz. Then again I’ve been to a couple of conventions and there really nothing worth dying to go to in my opinion except just hanging out with friends and some panels. Next year… maybe..