Metal Gear Peace Walker music trailer

I stumbled a cool trailer from Konami for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker using”Koi no Yokushiryoku” : Nana Mizuki. She’s one of my favorite artists and anime voice actors. I’m surprised she is singing in the Trailer with Paz walking around, I hope to hear some good OST.


I made an Animelist finally.

Theres a link to my anime list at go there make your list of animes/mangas and chill out on the forums. I’ve been enjoying this site a lot and I got to say it’s addicting for me for some reason.

PS3 Review: Heavy Rain

Indigo Prophecy

For the long line of games for the Playstation 3 games coming out with things starting off with “Heavy Rain” ! For the past few weeks I have been playing this game addictived in high doses and playing for hours in one setting. It is just so amazing, I’ve never really experienced a cinematic thrilling game like this! French developers “Quantic Dream” has done an amazing job and I give them props for making such a great game. You may know Quantic Dream if you played titles like “Indigo Prophecy” on PC, PS2 and Xbox which Heavy Rain has a similar concept and style of play. Indigo Prophecy and Omikron (Nomad Souls on Dreamcast) were good games but always arriving late on generation line. Which gets over run by newer games and people put more focus on that, I’m glad they manage to release Heavy Rain at a good time where they finally get some¬†recognition and honor. This review may contain minor¬†beginning spoilers. Continue reading

Limited edition Japanese PS3 Designs

White PS3 Phat

Yakuza 3 white PS3

Final Fantasy VII PS3

Final Fantasy XIII limited edition Lighting PS3 slim

Here are some Limited edition PS3s that Japan and other parts of Asia has that we don’t have…. Sort of makes ya bit jealous but I can figure why they wouldn’t come here. Most of these consoles are exclusively in Japan and they cost a fortune to ship them or order on sites and send them overseas. Look at these limited PS3 that comes with a beautiful color, engraved art and finishing. Where we just get a console and the game with our packages whoopy doo! : (