What I’ve been playing. 2/14/10

So a lot of good games came out that I bought and some that aren’t so good. So here’s a list of games I have been playing. What I am going to say are my OPINIONS and they shouldn’t mean fact or anything to anyone else. You can have your opinions too but don’t go flaming me about it. Well here I go then…

[Star Ocean: The Last Hope]

I really wanted to play another J-RPG that will satisfy more of my tastes this generation. The second Star Ocean is one of my favorite PSX rpg and Star Ocean Till the end of Time was good too, at their time. I wanted a J-RPG that would make this generation memorable. Well it’s up to Tri-Ace and their new release.

The Last Hope has some very good visuals and character models details. Good real time battle system, explorable galaxy, improved crafting mechanics. The only problem I had with it is the story at times, it’s decent but it isn’t what I’ve expected.

[Left 4 Dead 2]

Left 4 Dead 2 strikes back with new characters, campaign levels, game types and weapons. Yet I get the feeling this is just the same game just like ODST to Halo 3. That Left 4 Dead 2 ideas should of been add on to the first one. I did like how they added more items and hordes that change the tactics of the game. Also not mention competitive online game types, but was it worth money for a game that is just a small glossed up upgrade? Well I recommend this for big L4D fans or people who just want a good online experience to start. Get this game for the PC you will be more satisfied with more of the community content. Well L4D2 was fun and only lasted for a brief amount of time, more like a rent to me. I am sorry everyone that I didn’t enjoy it as much. Good thing I only bought it for 30 dollars….


Well if anyone read my earlier posts or Chronowarp’s blog; I did a review on this game. I gave a good review perhaps I went a little overboard and didn’t really show my true feelings of the game. I was afraid I would get scolded for saying “It’s good but not that great”. Well Bayonetta fighting mechanic and art is truly amazing. I give props to that but it’s a game that you should only at least try once. Okay I may sound like a hypocrite now but I am going to say this… Bayonetta is Overrated to me. Don’t get me wrong its a great hack n slash game but my opinion shouldn’t stop others from playing it. Good gameplay but story was bland, sexual puns and gestures not going to make rate this any higher, has some re-playability but, its just a ride of an action. I just didn’t find it interesting anymore…

[Bioshock 2]

The first Bioshock highly praised and most talk about game this generation. I’m not a big Bioshock fan but, I did enjoyed the first one though. I thought the concept was really original, Story was unique and the art style was good. Everyone seems to go crazy that Bioshock 2 didn’t receive a higher score than the first one and I can see why. Bioshock 2 single player is good but not as good as the first one, it still lack some things that the first game had was better. The more villainous psychopaths that had an immerse interaction scenes and dialogue with them. That’s one thing I really missed like the crazy Mr. Steiner and horrific dreaded setting it fit more into. Which made it why Rapture gone to hell and perfectly made the first game. Bioshock 2 still had good dialogue, a really good emotional story but it still lacked those in game cut scenes I really enjoyed. Over all I still liked Bioshock 2 and it’s still a good game to play and I enjoyed the online multiplayer. I say it’s a game I really recommend.

[Mass Effect 2]

Okay I really enjoy Mass Effect alot and things I’m going to say are going to make sound so fan boyish but I don’t give a crap. ME2 WAS DA BOMB!!! It was a great game and highly improved from the first game. Upgraded graphics engine so less of that slow textures loading especially for 360 gamers, improved battle system and some cool added features. They did some things I didn’t like so much like how its more of a shooter and lost a little bit of it’s rpg elements. The game has more bad ass cutscenes, cool skill system especially with the biotics animation and it was worth my full 60 dollars. This is a game that manages it’s hype to me and I would love to revisit this game many times. Even though it probably took me around 20 -30 hours with some of the side quests done.


I need a new Broadband IP.

I really hate the service… SO SCREW THEM!

I remember when I first got Broadband with Qwest back in 2005. The service was decently okay but, it was helluva expensive paying over 50 dollars a month for about 1.5-3 mbs connection speed. Well my family took a hiatus from it for about 2 years until we came back when they told us an offer for 7mbs speed cutting our former bill for a lifetime. For once I thought this was going to be a lifetime good price, it was cheaper until they kept sending higher bills and they said there wasn’t going to be a price raise. Now the bills has been skyrocketing about 70 dollars a month what a lousy fee….

The other day the family was moving the modem around the house to set up a new router. When shit has to go down and the modem short circuited. I don’t know what happen we were using a safety multi plug jack, so I had to call Qwest the night after. Telling them that the modem has short circuited and they offer me to rent a new modem for an extra 8 dollars a month or pay 100 with 30 dollars installment for 3 months. Bullshit I told them that I had a previous modem from Qwest that I want to re-connect to their service. I was on the helpline patiently for about an hour with technician telling me to go to my ip menu and connect it. He just repeated that for about an hour straight then he just gave up and put me to a marketplace to buy a new modem. Sometimes I just think I was too retarded for him to handle or he was fed up with me, I wasn’t hostile on the phone or angry.

So my mother bought her new modem and my dad came back and manages to connect the modem from 05 to the internet with our new account….. fucking Ironic bullshit lol….