PS3 HDMI Problems?

So yeah recently I got upgraded to an Insignia LCD HDTV with 10801i/720p Capabilities. Which is really great, I can finally throw away my Standard TV and go into the High Definition age. I use to game on Component cables on my old LCD Projection Sony HDTV which worked great with it. I didn’t have hdmi on my 360 at the time so I just had my PS3 hooked up through HDMI and everything looked great. No flicker, no bugs, and it didn’t broked down.

So yeah it’s only been a week when I got my Insignia HDTV when all of a suddenly my PS3 decides to flicker and have rainbow effects. Which really concerned me that my PS3 never did this before connected through HDMI. It is really bothering me, so I checked on google, youtube and forums and notice recently that this is not a rare problem. Multiple people been getting the same response.

I know I can always use standard or component but, it bothers me that something is wrong with my PS3 console still. Microsoft had HDMI problems in the beginning but it’s been fixed before and more supported. I tried everything even turning of full colors, super white and tuning down the HD outputs on the PS3. It could be lack of Sony’s firmware, TV or the cables i’m using which I am using more than one HDMI.

Well I can try and make video blog to get responses, See if Sony can help me or try finding some way. Just letting this out and Hoping Sony will look upon this.


Bayonetta Review


Hideki Kamiya the man who brought you Devil May Cry, brings you a new thrilling climatic action packed game Bayonetta! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this game since TGS 07 and finally it’s here and I manage to get my hands it came out on US release date. Haven’t really got to played when I got but, I finally settled down and beaten the game. It was a joyful experience and I will explain it in a bit in this review post. Continue reading

Anime of the Week: Bokurano!

Bokurano cover with all the protagonists

Bokurano author Mohiro Kitoh anime directed by Hiroyuki Morita

One of the Anime series I visited and watched over the summer of 09. It is probably the most interesting mind twisted anime I have probably ever seen in my life so far. Okay maybe I little bit over exaggerated on that phrase a bit… But yeah it is Mind twisted and it is interesting.

When I first came across this anime I thought it was going to be a simple generic child’s fantasy with saving the world stuff. But there is more as I came across the series. This anime maybe rated “Teen” but it has a dreadful and a cruel way in telling it’s story.

Okay here is a brief summary of Bokurano’s story, About a dozen kids are at a summer school on a remote area of Japan while playing at beach. When they came across a cave that seems unfamiliar to them when suddenly they find a lab. Strangely they find a man who calls himself “Kokopelli” as they talk to this person. Kokopelli asks them if they want to play a game and the children unexpectedly accepts it. What they don’t know they are put into a death game that has them controlling a giant robot to fight other mechanical beings. Each battle costs them their lives and each child dies after a battle as it runs on human force. Interesting isn’t it? Well you have to go see for yourself as it is more better than you see, since I probably don’t make it sound interesting heh.

To the right is the main Robot the "Zearth"

So the Zearth as they call the Robot is controlled by selected pilot after each battle through the pilot’s mind. So this anime focus alot on mentally each characters emotions and thoughts. Which the anime deeply focus on some of the characters background, Each character has a story behind them and reflects on how they act. This is where I find some it very sad or just plain effed up. The 15 of the protagonists has a sad story and it affects how they plan their lives before death and how they react in battle. Some of it can be very adult like too… These kids lives has been exposed to sex, violence and suicidal thoughts too. Which I don’t want to bring up… If you want a Dramatic experience, check out the manga version of this as it is more deeper in that.

Well heres my anime of the week I’ve been watching! Updating later on.