Final Fantasy XIV gameplay footage.

As a long veteran of Final Fantasy XI. I have waited a long time for an improved MMO of my favorite RPG game series. With better mechanics and visually design graphics. I was afraid that Square Enix was going to keep an outdated MMO forever but, FFXI is still a good game to experience. It’s good for them to expand…. As long waited since E3 05!

Square Enix’s earlier demo of the game back in E3 2005.

Now here are the new sneak peek screens!!

You can view more videos at Gamescon showroom or at Gamevideos!


I’m reading Hayate the Combat Butler.

So far I’ve checked out a new manga to read called Hayate no Gotoku also known as Hayate the Combat butler. So far this manga is very good. It’s about a boy name Hayate who is left in debt by his parents of 150 million yen, who is neglected and left to be pursued by the yakuza to sell him and take his organs. So Hayate is in high debt and in deep desperate measures to get money. Hayate tries to kidnap a rich girl name Nagi, but when an attempt she gets capture before him and he ends up rescuing her, Thus getting his job as a butler for her.

It’s a good manga to check out for people interested in Comedy, Romance and action. It has some perverted sequences and humor. But overall any kind of people would enjoy this Manga. Although it is still ongoing and chapters are being updated. You can find this manga at Onemanga and Mangafox. Oh yeah and an Anime at crunchy roll. I’ll be updating my status with manga later on.

here check these links to get started on the series now!!!

GYO Manga series.

Gyo Manga Cover

Gyo Manga Cover

As a fan of Scifi and horror animes and mangas. I haven’t been able to catch a many good ones lately currently. So I have this sudden urge to type about one of my favorite Scifi Thriller Manga “GYO”. So GYO is a short 2 volume series by an Author named “Junji Ito” okay let me now review the whole explain and tell about the whole series to you.


So the story in the Manga starts off with the Main character Tadashi a young male on vacation with his sweetheart Kaori on the open regions of Japan. Where they thought everything was perfect until they witness sea critters with legs that were able to let them walk. As frightened couple were in shock Tadashi and Kaori struggle to get rid of the Fish with these unkown metal legs that it was carried on. But, it gets worse on the vacation as they are attacked by Sharks on legs too…. As in a struggle for the young couple to survive, they hesistantly escape back to the Big City of Japan. Kaori came back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, while Tadashi tries to remain calm. When all of the suddenly the nightmares follow them in the city.


The art may seem a bit more retro style compare to newer Manga’s and anime. But, the art is drawn very detailed and realistic like which is great as the images look more vivid and scarier as it looks real. You will be left to be feel grotesque and sickened as the horrors you will see.  I love this kind of particular in this Manga like in other ones as Uzumaki and Parasyte.

Freakishly Masterpiece of GYO

Freakishly Masterpiece of GYO

Overall : The manga is only 2 volumes long and is very short. It is old school cliche Horror story. But, it is just so interesting and it leaves you thinking…. It makes you want wish there was more. You won’t be sorry you read this manga if you love Old School Japanese Scifi monstrous horrors. So give this Under dog and go and see how you like it!

P.S: If anyone wants to reccomend me any Anime or manga similar to this please leave a comment on this post. Thank you! Plus this my first time reviewing and talking about a Manga.

Persona 1 now coming to PSP!

Original US Persona PSX cover.

Original US Persona PSX cover.

Persona a classic old RPG series that has launched on the Playstation console back in 1996 and released in the US in 1997.  A game series with already 4 games is now very popular and big today, With the success of the game Persona 4 out. An RPG that brings Simulation and fusion a whole new perspective. Now you can experience how the series all began now!

Screenshot from Persona on the Playstation

Screenshot from Persona on the Playstation

The PSP version of Persona will include new updated graphics, Character designs and a redesign world just for you!

Persona on the PSP hopefully coming around September 22, 2009. I’ll be happy to pick this up when goes on shelves to feed more of my nostalgic taste of the great old PSX RPG days. I’ll be posting more when I have more information and thanks for reading!

My Video games Laundry List…. 8/09/09

 If I dont complete this game, Ill be haunted by the Shibito

If I don't complete this game, I'll be haunted by the Shibito

Siren – Playstation 2

I’ve picked up Siren on the Playstation 2 console since the beginning of summer for about 8 bucks. Which was a pretty good deal on a pretty good game. So far I’ve enjoyed it… But, I’ve been aching to beat it. The problem with this game it is very long and this game takes time and patience.

But… Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great game for a run away scare horror, survival horror and exploring sequences. I’ve been uploading game play and commentary played by me on my Youtube at . Yet, I have been lagging on my uploading since my PC broke. I know not many people watch my commentary but please be patient I am trying the best I can to beat it.

Bully Scholarship Edition – Xbox 360

Gosh, I have been addicted to this game lately. Rockstars best game ever made in my opinion! I just love goofing off, the campaign, it’s silly antics, and the scaling. It’s truly an amazing game and I want to beat it as fast I can. I’ve been broadcasting this game lately on my JTV channel live at where you might be able to catch me playing it live. But, if you can’t catch me on there I’ll still uploading live funny highlights at my youtube account.